Hello My Dears,

Hope you all had a great weekend. We had a spontaneous outdoorsy kind of weekend here. Drove from Houston to Willis, Texas to meet the sweetest retired couple who was selling their 2011 Coachman Pop-Up Camper. Purchased it at 1 pm and arrived at Brazos Bend State Park campsite at 4 pm on the same day…eager beavers.

Felt like we were leaving one world to another, entering into slow living.

Upon check-in, we realized we had booked the wrong dates online but luckily there was ONE site remaining…site #219 was meant to be ours. Learned that Fridays and Saturdays are usually the busiest camping days, so thank you angels for giving us a spot.

It took us about 20 minutes to convert our little pop up into a cozy home. The design is super smart and uber cute.

First things first, cheers! We poured this in our yeti, so don’t call the camp captain/host on us please. Did you know there are camp captains/hosts onsite? I think their job varies from campground to campground, but most do light grounds maintenance.

Bonfires are one of my favorites. Too bad our trip was impromptu so we didn’t have any smores to pack. For sure next time!

If you want to check out Brazos Bend State Park one day, here is how we did our online reservation: visited here and selected “campsite” for facility type and “Brazos Bend” for park and selected our preferred check-in/out dates. We selected electricity and water option for $20 per night which included a bbq pit and picnic table.

Good Things:

  • Restrooms and showers were fairly clean for a park. There is actually warm/hot water for a normal shower (compared to Huntsville when only cold water was available).
  • Each spot is spacious and clean.
  • By 10 pm quiet time.

Looking forward to discovering what #camplife (or more like #glamping) is all about.

With gratitude,

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